Titan, David Nelson



Titan was drafted into the Gladiator Arena in the second half of the first season as a replacement for Malibu. He stayed the rest of the season and proved to be a great asset. His best events were Powerball and Human Cannonball.

Titan, Robert 'Bob' Chicherillo



Titan was a Live Tour Gladiator. His bodybuilding past allowed him to excell in Powerball and Breakthrough & Conquer. Since leaving the Gladiator world behind him, Titan has competed in many bodybuilding shows, including Mr Ironman, Arnold Classic, San Frasisco Pro and Mr USA 2000.

Titan, Tim Washington



Titan applied to be a Gladiator after just two days out of hospital following a hit & run accident. He made it through and joined the team for the Orladno Live shows. His record in Duel was almost flawless and he was also an expert on The Wall. After leaving Gladiators, Titan moved on to appear in the live Rollerball shows.

Tower, Steve Henneberry



Tower originally joined the American Gladiators as a reserve for the 1991 season. His first main outing was to temporarily replace Turbo after his knee injury, he later stayed on the show alongside Turbo. The former Mr. America title holder was the tallest male Gladiator and stayed with the show until the penultimate season. His best event was Powerball.

Turbo, Galen Tomlinson



Originally from Fallbrook, California, Turbo was always on a quest for speed and power. A stand-out athlete in high school, Turbo turned down no less than 12 major scholarship offers. He was discovered by a talent scout at a bodybuilding competition who was looking for new, engaging, well built athletes to try out for AG.

Competitive by nature, Turbo excelled in most events. Often referred to as the "best athlete on the team", he was definitely a formidable opponent in all Gladiator events. Turbo's strongest events were the mid-air events: Skytrack, The Wall, Hang Tough and Swingshot. However, Turbo's ground attack was just as ferocious. Turbo had very strong winning records in all events, including a near perfect Whiplash record.

Turbo's Gladiator career was almost cut short in season three during a preliminary Powerball game against Tommy Knox and Ted Pappenhagen. As Turbo was going in for a tackle on Knox he hyperextended his knee, resulting in a terrible knee injury. Turbo missed the rest of season 3, only to return stronger than ever in season 4. Turbo's temper was another weakness. Although infrequent, Turbo did have several angry outbursts during the course of AG. Two of his most famous were against Remy Smith and Kyler Storm.

Turbo appeared in the Orlando Live Shows and later competed with his daughter Kourtney on Gladiators 2000.

Currently Turbo lives in southern California. There he coaches high school girls volleyball.

Viper, Chuck Berlinger



Bad boy Viper joined the show in 1992. His winner-takes-all attitude made him a force to be reckoned with in Hang Tough and his favourite event Powerball. Although a very good Gladiator, Viper only stayed for two seasons and will be best known for running into the audience and ripping up a banner saying 'Viper needs a Diaper'.

Viper, Roger Stewart



Viper was a Gladiator for the American Gladiators Orlando Live shows.



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