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  • Gladiator ID: BULLIT
  • Real Name: MIKE HARVEY
  • Date Of Birth: 30/08/60
  • Star Sign: VIRGO
  • Birthplace: KINGSTON, JAMAICA
  • Height: 1.88m
  • Weight: 116kg
  • Theme Tune: UNBELIEVABLE - EMF


Bullit, Mike Harvey

Bullit joined the Royal Navy after leaving school. He ran for the Navy's Athletics team in the 100 and 200 metres and went on to be selected as one of the team members who competed in the Royal Tournament in the Field Gun Crew for Devonport.

Boxing was also a sport that Bullit competed in. He boxed for his county and the Royal Navy winning the ABA as a middleweight. He left the Navy and became an engineer, going on to take a degree and become a tutor. He progressed onto working in the House of Commons as a researcher. His interest in sports and fitness didn't fade, in 1990 he won two bodybuilding titles.

In the Gladiators arena Bullit was cool and very competitive. His favourite event was Atlaspheres in which he could easily display his strength and superb speed and agility, although he showed this in every event he competed in.

A competent actor, Bullit has appeared in films such as 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 2', 'Nightbreed the Movie' and 'Ghost in the Darkness'. He has also appeared in the TV chat show series 'Guilty' playing the courtroom bodyguard.

Bullit, who now works in promotion management, also has a famous son - none other than Harvey from garage band So Solid Crew and champion of The Games.


Bullit on Tilt

Bullit did not compete in a televised series of Gladiators and therefore we sadly do not have any Event statistics for this Gladiator.


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